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Vancouver Criminal Lawyers

Martland & Saulnier is a leading criminal-law firm in Vancouver, Canada.

Facing a criminal investigation or prosecution is deeply unsettling. Most people find they can’t sleep at night. They worry continually about what will happen to them. They feel that they stand alone — against the police and the Crown prosecutor and the machinery of the criminal justice system. There are few things in life so stressful and upsetting.

Retaining a defence lawyer can change this. Experienced counsel will level the playing field. They will analyze the situation and set out options. They can give wise advice — shaped by years of experience and a deep knowledge of the law. They are comfortable and confident in navigating the dangerous waters of a criminal case. Once you retain a lawyer you trust, you can finally move forward and address the situation.

The lawyers at Martland & Saulnier are client-focused. We focus on you, on your needs and concerns, on your case. We are responsive. We move as quickly as possible. We get to work at the earliest stages, engaging with police investigators and Crown prosecutors to avoid charges where that is possible. We move fast to seek release on bail when a client is charged. When it comes to trials and appeals, we prepare fully and consider all strategic angles that may assist our client.

We have experience in cases ranging from murder mega-trials, to smaller cases involving petty crimes and traffic offences. Lawyers at the firm have acted in police and professional disciplinary proceedings, in constitutional litigation, and as counsel in high-profile public inquiries. We have acted for companies and individuals in securities, regulatory and environmental cases. But above all else, we are criminal lawyers who appear regularly in the trial and appeal courts. We are well grounded in the practicalities of defending a criminal case.

If you or someone you know is facing a criminal charge, Martland & Saulnier can help.