The firm of Martland & Saulnier continues in the tradition of its predecessor firm — a firm that dates to the 1980s. Over the years, the firm has achieved a position of prominence among criminal firms:  acting as defence counsel in the Air India trial and the Surrey Six murder case; defending Tom Ellison in a high-profile trial in 2006; and acting in other well-known cases. Our lawyers have been involved in the Robert “Willie” Pickton trial, appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada, the Frank Paul Inquiry, the Cohen Commission of Inquiry (Sockeye Salmon), and the Braidwood Inquiry into the use of the taser at Vancouver International Airport.

In Vancouver, unlike some cities, criminal law is primarily the domain of solo lawyers and small boutique firms. We are a boutique firm which regularly receives referrals from large national and regional law firms.

The firm’s lawyers are called upon to speak at, or chair, conferences, and to make presentations to law students and other groups. Our style of practice is academic and thorough, and always effective and forceful.

We keep our clients’ interests at the forefront. We outline the options and provide our recommendations as to the advantages and disadvantages of different courses of action. Where necessary, we arrange for expert witnesses, investigators or foreign lawyers to assist our clients. Our approach is results-driven and, above all, practical — we recommend the course of action that serves our clients’ interests, not ours.

It is our firm’s strong tradition of excellence, and dedication to our clients, that enables us to provide exceptional service in criminal-law matters.