Driving Offences

Driving offences range from provincial infractions, up to criminal charges for dangerous driving or impaired cases leading to death. The consequences, likewise, range from tickets to lengthy jail terms, in serious cases. There is a technical aspect to defending driving offences, and it may be necessary to retain an expert such as a toxicologist, accident reconstructionist or engineer.

Martland & Saulnier has lawyers who are knowledgeable about these cases, and have a successful track record in defending them.

For many people, losing a driver’s licence could mean losing a job. We have defended truckers, taxi drivers, police officers and firefighters in situations where they have risked losing their licences. At Martland & Saulnier, we know how important your licence is to you. That is why we help clients keep their licence, not just in court, but also with ICBC and the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.