Murder is among the most serious offences in law. It gives rise to the maximum punishment available, a life sentence. The law of murder is complex, and different issues arise in each murder trial. The Crown must prove that the person died, that the killing was intentional, and that the accused person is the killer (or responsible as part of a conspiracy, for instance). There may be defences such as self-defence and accident. There might be so-called partial defences, which reduce liability from murder to manslaughter; examples include provocation and extreme intoxication.

The firm of Martland & Saulnier is experienced in murder cases. We have defended murder cases successfully in high-profile prosecutions (such as the Air India trial) as well as in cases that are not known to the public. The firm has experience with lengthy and especially complicated murder cases, sometimes called “mega-trials”, such as the Pickton case, Air India, and Surrey Six. The firm is defending several murder cases in 2013 alone.