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Criminal Charges & Investigations

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Criminal charges & investigations

Facing a criminal investigation or charge is stressful. Knowing that you have skilled representation on your side makes things easier.

At Martland & Saulnier we are dedicated to providing clients with a powerful defence. We begin preparations at an early stage, with the goal of working towards a resolution without having to go to trial. If a trial is needed, we go to bat for our clients, strategically advancing the most effective lines of attack. When required to defend a case, we track down and interview witnesses, use private investigators, and retain experts, from forensic psychiatrists to polygraph examiners.

With so much at stake, it is vital that every aspect of your case is considered before moving forward.

Our lawyers will communicate with the police and Crown counsel in order to gain insight and examine all manner of evidence and information available. We move quickly and efficiently, and will keep you informed at every stage.

We understand that being investigated or charged is daunting. When you work with our lawyers, you won’t have to experience it alone. We will put all of your options in front of you and help you understand what to expect. We use our experience and knowledge in order to pursue results for you.

The lawyers at Martland & Saulnier provide services across areas of criminal law including:
  • murder, assaults, and domestic assault
  • sexual assault and sexual offences, including Internet luring and child pornography
  • drug trafficking and possession charges, and international drug smuggling and importation
  • white-collar and financial crimes, including securities investigations and prosecutions
  • fraud, embezzlement, workplace theft and corruption

We also provide representation for victims, institutions, First Nations and organizations in relation to myriad criminal proceedings.

About us

Martland & Saulnier is a leading Vancouver criminal law firm. We have been recognized by Canadian Lawyer magazine as one of the top criminal law boutiques in Canada for 2022-2023. We help people from every walk of life, with all types of criminal cases.

Please reach out to discuss your case.