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Joe Saulnier’s statement on clearing the name of client Bahram Karimi

September 2021

It is unusual for me to post statements or publish details of one of my client’s cases. Typically my clients want privacy, even when they have been acquitted or the charges dropped. This is for good reason, as additional publicity about criminal charges is rarely helpful, even after it is shown that my client is not guilty.

However, in the case of my client Bahram Karimi, I need to finally speak up and clear his name. 18 months ago, Karimi was indicted in the United States. Just four months later, the American prosecutors asked the judge to dismiss the charges, without Karimi ever setting foot in a courtroom. The prosecutors admitted to suppressing evidence that was helpful to the defence. The judge dismissed the indictment with prejudice, meaning my client cannot be prosecuted for this offence again. In other words, he was exonerated.

Read Joseph Saulnier’s full statement here.

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