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Professional Discipline & Regulatory Proceedings

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Professional discipline & regulatory proceedings

Professionals accused of misconduct face particular problems. In regulatory proceedings, a professional is required to cooperate with investigators. You may need to attend an interview and provide documents or materials. This information might be used against you. These investigations will start immediately, and you may be required to give a statement. Contact a lawyer before doing so. It is possible to be cooperative and still protect your rights, but it takes judgment and experience to get it right.

Each profession is governed by a different regulatory body, with different regulatory laws and regulations. The investigations and hearings can be unique. The proceedings may even be informal, but the consequences are serious. You may face fines, suspension or even expulsion from the profession. The defence of regulatory offences starts immediately, from the first contact with investigators, so do not wait to call a lawyer.

Occasionally professional misconduct investigations can lead to criminal charges.

Or conversely, criminal charges will be brought to the attention of the regulatory body. If a professional is charged with a crime, there may be an obligation to inform their profession-governing body. Either way, the interplay between the professional discipline and criminal process is delicate. Either process can impact on the other, so all steps need to be measured.

The lawyers at Martland & Saulnier have experience dealing with professional discipline investigations and criminal charges for:
  • police officers
  • medical professionals
  • doctors
  • lawyers
  • judges
  • pharmacists
  • massage therapists
  • firefighters
  • teachers
  • journalists
  • financial professionals
  • bankers
  • brokers 
  • real-estate agents
  • investment advisors
  • corrections officers and jail guards

If you are a professional, and you think there might be a criminal or regulatory investigation or charges against you, contact a lawyer as early as possible.

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